Who we are

Erbatech GmbH, based in Erbach, Germany, develops, designs and manufactures high end solutions for wet finishing of knitted and woven fabrics. After 50 years in the business, Erbatech GmbH has become the market leader in solutions specially designed for knit dyers and finishers. 

Our objective is to provide the textile industry with well proven machines for bleaching, CPB dyeing, washing and impregnation of delicate textiles, giving our customers great results and productivity with the lowest electric, water, steam and chemical consumption.

Erbatech is an owner-run company with a strong capital base. We are financially independent and therefore a reliable partner to the textile industry.  We have a dedicated team of engineers and textile technologists that design custom-made solutions for any needs our clients might have



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The beginning

Mr. Kurt Brückner founded the company in 1963 as a design and development centre for the Brückner-Group of companies and to become a technology partner for the textile industry.

The 70s – Early Growth

In the late 1970s HASPELFLOW®, a piece-dyeing machine for tubular knits and wovens was developed to replace the prevalent dye beck technology. The machine provided an economic and innovative alternative that was sold in large numbers worldwide and strengthened BRÜCKNER’s name in the industry.

The 90s – Establishment in the Markets

In order to satisfy the increasing demand for open-width processing ranges the SCOUT® product line was developed and the first machines became a reality in 1995. Since then this modular and economic machine concept has developed into the main product of ERBATECH. 

Independence and new focus for the Millennium

In 2002 it became independent from the Brückner-Group and was renamed ERBATECH GmbH. Mr. Ulrich von Christen took over the MD position and leads operations since then. Under new ownership the company was restructured and narrowed its focus on only wet finishing machines. Many improvements and upgrades were introduced to all product lines.

Breaking away from traditional finishing

In 2004, the SCOUT-COLOR® was developed in tight collaboration with partners within the textile industry. This Cold Pad Batch was designed for tensionless dyeing of knit fabric, opening a new concept of integrated textile finishing allowing dyers and finishers to reduce water, steam and power consumption.

Going back to basics – Yarn and Fiber

In 2006, OBERMAIER® was bought and became a member of the ERBATECH Group adding to our portfolio of solutions, the well-known yarn dyeing machines as well as integrated solutions for fiber dyeing and bleaching for cosmetic and medical applications.

Expanding to new segments – waterproof and sealing membranes

In 2008, Erbatech took over the operations of Reiser, manufacturer of machines for the production of waterproofing- and sealing membranes. The Reiser company goes back to a history of more than 130 years producing machines for the waterproofing- and sealing membrane industry. The machines were integrated under the Erbatech brand. Since then, we have introduced many innovations, mainly in packaging and palletizing, coating, mineralization, cooling, and mixing as well. In 2010, we designed and produced a complete turnkey production line.


Up to now we have successfully installed and brought into operation more than 500 machines in over 40 countries, processing thousands of meters fabric every minute and all over the world.