The first step to continuous finishing is made at SCOUT pad-steam bleaching ranges, which are suitable for scouring any cellulosic fabric, producing a constant and homogeneous base product for later dyeing or printing.

Pad-steam bleaching achieves a high degree of white with less production costs compared to the traditional discontinuous over-flow technology, amongst many other advantages such as;

  • High reproducibility,
  • Product homogenity (no tailing),
  • Low fiber loss (no enzymatic bio-polishing),
  • Shiny and improved fabric surface (no pilling),
  • Low water, steam and power consumption.

SCOUT bleaching ranges are designed in modules and can be specially setup to meet requirements of any dye house or printer
from 5 [t/day] to 25 [t/day].



With our GALAXY, continuous pad-steam bleaching is also possible in tubular form. Using the same principles and know-how applied on our open-width technologies, we are able to achieve high production and outstanding fabric quality with low processing costs.

GALAXY ranges are available in setups from 5 [t/day] to 20 [t/day] for narrow or body size widths in half or full white. Perfect for the production of seamless T-shirts or underwear.



The optical brightener compartment (OBA) can be added at the end of any SCOUT or GALAXY pad-steam bleaching range in order to apply high or medium affinity optical brighteners without contaminating the main (bleaching) machine.

                         Continuous open-width bleaching range for terry/sheeting fabrics


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