In 2006, OBERMAIER became part of the ERBATECH Group and since then our customers benefit from a strong partner with a responsive service, which further enhances the economy of our customer´s dye houses. 
TURBOSTAT – Yarn Dyeing

Our unique Turbo-pump allows for constant liquor flow and pressure over the whole range of rotation speeds, eliminating variators, valves and flaps. Besides minimizing liquor ratios, maintenance is reduced. Also, dye liquor “breaking” is avoided. Sturdy machine design, highest quality components and a manufacturing entirely made in Germany provide a long life machine.

The Secostat product range includes multiple cost-cutting solutions like “Secostat P” Pressure driers, “Secostat V” Vacuum driers or “Secocham KT” Chamber dryers.
VAPOVAC – Conditioning, Steaming and Fixating

The Vapovac products are designed for conditioning, steaming and fixation of natural, degenerated and synthetic yarns, fibres and filaments. Vapovacs can be customized to any customer requirement.

FIBRE TECH – Fibre Bleaching
Obermaier supplies as a turn-key contractor all necessary equipment to manufacture cosmetic or medical cotton parting from natural cotton wool or recycled fibres. 
  • Stamping and cake forming
  • Bleaching for cosmetic or medical applications,
  • Hydro extraction,
  • Cake opening,
  • Drying,
  • Packing,
  • Water usage & recycling managment.


       Cotton fiber bleaching with FIBRE TECH


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